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Testimonial From Realtor Elliot Goldman

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RE/MAX Complete Solutions

I have been as licensed Realtor for ten years. I have been with RE/MAX Complete Solutions for three years. In my first two full years here, I had already earned more than my entire seven years working for a boutique company combined!

I chose to work in this office because of the Broker, Jenniffer Lee. What makes Jenniffer so special? She is almost always in the office and available to answer any questions. You never have wait for a check. She does not sell, so I do not have to worry that she is keeping the best leads for herself. She is always doing things to make us more knowledgeable and higher earners. I could not have chosen a better office to work in.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Some people have an issue with paying a fee. I have gotten more than my moneys worth, as evidenced by my significantly higher earnings! There is no better brand recognition in real estate than RE/MAX. If you don’t pay a monthly fee, you are paying somewhere, be it a processing fee or a percentage of your commission.

Stop making excuses. If you are a hard worker and have the people and organization skills required for this business, but are not earning what you think you should, it is time to make a change! You are probably right, it isn’t you, it is your office!

, Boca Raton, Florida