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On every survey of current RE/MAX agents, the top reason for staying with RE/MAX is CONTROL. Control over your business gives you the ability to work with your customers as you see fit. After all, who knows better what your customers want than you? Remember, you are in business FOR yourself, NOT BY yourself. Please let us know how we can help you further your goals.

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School Zones

Always have the client call the school to verify a school zone. School zone change constantly and no lookup can be guaranteed. If the client wants to be in a certain school zone, make sure THE CLIENT calls to verify the home is in the zone.

To help you check some addresses out, here are some school zone lookups by address.

Broward County School Zone Lookup By Address

Miami-Dade County School Zone Lookup By Address

Palm Beach Count School Zone Lookup By Address

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We have 3 full drawers of development information for neighborhoods throughout the area. (Thank you Brian & Nena McCaughey for donating them to us!) We have development maps, lot maps, info about amenities and tons of floor plans. They are sorted by town and then by development name. We can show you where they are. Just make a copy of any you need. Showing up with a copy of the floor plan is a great aid in closing a listing agreement.

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My goal is to surround you with positive, successful, professional people; provide you with great tools and support; offer you as much training as you want; encourage you to be the best you can be, and help you to achieve your goals. I won't stop until you do!

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