Florida Age Restricted Community Lookup

Florida Age Restricted Community Lookup

Florida Age Restricted Communities

Florida has a large amount of age restricted communities and condo complexes, which are often priced lower than similar styled communities that allow all ages. Typically, the age restriction applies to occupants, not ownership, so in most age restricted neighborhoods a younger person can own the unit but it must be occupied by an older person. Examples would be a child owning a unit a 55+ parent lives in or an investor owns a unit a 55+ tenant lives in. Also, typically, only one resident needs to be of the restricted age, so a younger spouse or care-taker can live with the 55+ person. There may also be rules regarding the minimum age of children living in the unit, as some communities only allow children over the age of 18. Contact the association for the specific rules for that community. Want to live in an age restricted community but need help finding the right home? We can help.

People often think that a 55+ parent can buy a unit for their 20 year old child, but that is not how it works. People also often talk about the 80/20 rule, which states that up to 20% of the units can be occupied by people under the restricted age. This rule is not meant for people looking to buy into the community, but rather for those who survive an age restricted resident’s death. Examples would be a younger care-taker or spouse remaining in the unit after the 55+ occupant has passed on or moved to assisted living. Have more questions? We can help.

Age Restriced Community Lookup

Need to know if a community is really age restricted/55+? To find out, use the link below. Enter community name, city, or county in the search box in the middle of the page and click the red “go” button. Being on this list does not guarantee the community meets the requirements of the law, just that it’s association’s president is claiming it does.

Note: The FCHR (Florida Commission on Human Rights) website says, “The listing of a community on this website does not guarantee that the community is in fact a lawfully constituted 55 & older community under Florida and federal Law. FCHR has not independently verified the status, but has relied on the written representation of the community president. If a lawfully constituted 55 & older community under Florida and federal law has not registered with us, this failure does not jeopardize the legal status of a community. FCHR ACCEPTS REGISTRATIONS AS A PROVIDER OF HOUSING FOR OLDER PERSONS UNDER THE FEDERAL OR FLORIDA FAIR HOUSING ACT BASED SOLELY ON THE WRITTEN REPRESENTATIONS OF THE REGISTRANT. THE FCHR HAS NOT INDEPENDENTLY DETERMINED WHETHER OR NOT THE REGISTRANT IN FACT MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE LAW. A fine in the amount of $500 will be assessed against any facility or community that knowingly submits false information in meeting these requirements.”

Age Restricted Community Lookup